Getting right to the point, we're going to play a handful of shows in NYC, Chicago and LA starting August 22nd. They will be informal affairs in medium to small venues with longer set-lists, possible special guests, cool openers and other surprises. Upon reflection, the NIN/JA tour felt like we had to rush through sets due to a limited allotted set length and many shows were in daylight - it just didn't feel right to end NIN that way. An offer to headline a festival (being announced soon) set the idea in motion to play some FUN shows to end this up with. If we can get it together we'll film these shows, too.

In NYC we'll be playing Bowery Ballroom, Webster Hall and Terminal 5. In Chicago, the Aragon Ballroom. In LA we'll be at The Wiltern, The Henry Fonda, The Palladium and The Echoplex. These should be cool, unusual and unique shows and I hope you come out - this is it.

So far, The Horrors will be joining us for some shows in NYC, Mew will be with us at other shows in NYC, Chicago and LA, and perhaps more.
Details and ticket info will be announced shortly, so check back.


Joy Diversion in Manchester ( photoblog) 7.14.09

Goodbye Ireland ( photoblog) 7.13.09

Cold wet festival in Ireland, but great crowd ( photoblog) 7.12.09

March of the Pigs ( photoblog) 7.12.09

Home ( photoblog) 7.12.09

Nine Inch Nails - Prague, Czech Republic [O2 Arena] 6.24.09 Setlist

1 Somewhat Damaged
2 Terrible Lie
3 Heresy
4 March of the Pigs
5 Piggy
6 Metal (Gary Numan cover)
7 The Becoming
8 Head Down
9 Burn
10 Gave Up
11 La Mer
12 Gone, Still
13 The Fragile
14 The Downward Spiral
15 Wish
16 Survivalism
17 1,000,000
18 The Day The World Went Away
19 Hurt
20 The Hand That Feeds
21 Head Like A Hole

22 Echoplex
23 Dead Souls (Joy Division cover)
24 In This Twilight

Nine Inch Nails - Poznan, Poland [Malta International Theatre Festival] 6.23.09 Setlist

Terrible Lie
The Becoming
I'm Afraid Of American
Gave Up
La Mer
The Fragile
Banged and Blown Through
Gone Still..
The Way Out Is Through
Mr. Self Destruct
Wish Survivalism
The Good Soldier

NIne Inch Nails - Scheessel, Germany [Hurricane Festival] 6.21.09 Setlist

Somewhat Damaged
Terrible Lie
March Of The Pigs
The Frail/Metal
Afraid Of Americans
The Becoming
The Fragile
I Do Not Want This
The Downward Spiral
Gave Up
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole

March of The Pigs ( photoblog) 7.95.09

1,000,000 ( photoblog) 7.05.09

Backstage at Werchter ( photoblog) 7.05.09

HLAH ( photoblog) 7.05.09

The Big Comedown ( photoblog) 7.05.09

Head Like a Hole ( photoblog) 7.3.09

Wish ( photoblog) 7.03.09

Burn ( photoblog) 7.03.09

Terrible Lie ( photoblog) 7.03.09

Driving to Roskilde ( photoblog) 7.03.09

Head Like A Hole ( photoblog) 7.2.09

Burn ( photoblog) 7.2.09

1,000,000 ( photoblog) 7.2.09

Driving through Denmark ( photoblog) 6.30.09

6am ferry party ( photoblog) 6.30.09

The Hand that Feeds ( photoblog) 6.30.09

Piggy ( photoblog) 6.30.09

Something I Can Never Have ( photoblog) 6.30.09

Berlin soundcheck ( photoblog) 6.30.09

Survivalism ( photoblog) 6.29.09

I'm Afraid of Americans ( photoblog) 6.29.09

Discipline ( photoblog) 6.29.09

HLAH ( photoblog) 6.27.09

Watching the show from backstage ( photoblog) 6.27.09

Gave Up ( photoblog) 6.27.09

Survivalism ( photoblog) 6.26.09

Reptile ( photoblog) 6.26.09

Terrible Lie ( photoblog) 6.26.09

Hurt ( photoblog) 6.24.09

The Fragile ( photoblog) 6.24.09

Heresy ( photoblog) 6.24.09

HLAH ( photoblog) 6.23.09